Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beginning the long road to relocate my blog

Well, I abused some internet blogger theme to reach this point, and I'm trying my best to feel comfortable and "at home" with the new environment.

Every tab-link above is pointing right now back to blogvis. I have a huge to-do list to declare "blog relocation complete".

  • Port tab content to this blog, edit and update titles and content as relevantly needed
  • Port and update list of freeware, including my favorite freeware page
  • Register this site at some aggregators
  • Post notification of relocation on blogvis
  • Clear content from blogvis, replace current content with links back here.
  • Release new versions of my free-ware, with links back to this blog instead of the old one
  • Finally - release my 3rd and last post regarding the last Vegas trip - which I've delayed because blogvis service began distroying my old blog.
(That's right, take a nice cold beer, say cheers and chug it)

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