Monday, May 18, 2009

Bought Wii at discount, Looking at games for my 4 year old

Well - we finally did it. My birthday is coming up, and we've been thinking about getting a Wii system for a while. It seems like every family I know from around has one, and we were just waiting for the right deal around this date. Went to Best Buy, the deal was - you buy a wii, you get 20$ gift card; which we used for the Wii-Play with the extra remote.

We have 3 girls, and our middle child was a bit left out so we went online and looked for games for her. Unsurprisingly Amazon has a much wider selection than Best Buy and all the games are sold for less. So here's a lesson: Don't Buy Games at Best Buy!

Here are some games I found for my girl, pretty cool:


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