Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coupon Mania

I'm not a fan of coupons. The reason: You end up spending more money than you planned on items you might have not needed to begin with. Unless...

Unless you hunt only for the coupons you need - when you need them. Relevant services: Restaurants, Oil changes, Flowers.

We get the Ann Arbor News weekly, and each week we are bombarded with paper coupons we don't really need and can barely keep track of. So that's our conundrum, we want to save, we want to be always on top of the most recent and best deals -just not swamped and overwhelmed with offers we don't need and stacks of paper we regularly neglect to discard.

I have a few links to help the Coupon seeking hunters - if you agree with my statements above or not:
Soon to be placed as a permanent link fest on the side bar.


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