Thursday, May 28, 2009

Download DelayedExec Freeware

DelayedExec has moved to its own Home Page:

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  1. I cant stop vista blocking DelayedExec on startup

  2. Anonymous - email me and I'll try to investigate with you why is it being blocked, possibly releasing an update based on your experience.

  3. I am using win xp sp3 and your app is only showing about 10% of the items that launch at statup.

    When it lists 100% of the startup apps I will be happy to use your application.

  4. Brian, an email with some details might have assisted you here...

    The application lists all items in the startup folder, as well as items in the registry for current user and "all users". If your system is somehow hacked in another way - and you believe your situation is applicable to most other users, please do let me know.

    All the best.

  5. Hello, tried DelayedExec 1.1.5 on Windows XP SP3, where I usually autostart to a restricted account, but have following issues:

    - DelayedExec refuses to start as a restricted user and always requests to be started with administrative privileges (why on earth is this, I want to delay the autostarts of the USER?)

    - when started with administrative privileges, only the startup entries of the administrative account are found, the autostarts of the main restricted account are missing

    so it sadly doesn't work at all for me.

  6. It has to start with privileges because it will access registry and modify it, that's where most start-up items are listed.

    Starting with privileges under Vista and Windows 7 allows changing current user. (Using menu option to "Start as Administrator")

    You might want to grant rights to user when you change options, then take those rights back.

    Further questions and support, please use email.

    All the best