Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taxman Grabs Half of Sold Virginity Profits

Giving a whole new meaning to the tax-authority's long arm reaching everywhere. This time, it's the German revenue tax, not the IRS. (Although there was a case in Nevada recently...)

Student Who Auctioned Virginity Online May Have to Pay Half Her Earnings in Taxes
The teenage student who sold her virginity for $13,827 could have to hand over half of her earnings to the taxman.

German inland revenue investigators are studying reports that Alina Percea, 18, was paid in cash for a weekend of sex with a middle-aged Italian businessman after auctioning her virginity online.

Prostitution is legal in Germany — where Alina studies — but hookers are taxed at 50 percent of their earnings.

The Romanian-born computer studies student is allowed to work in Germany for 90 days as long as she arrived on a student visa, even as a prostitute.

But because Alina earned so much in such a short time she may also be liable for a hefty VAT bill.

A German inland revenue spokesman said: "If we have hard figures then we can make an accurate assessment."

It's like they're doing their best to write the punchlines themselves: "If we have hard figures then we can make an accurate assessment".

It's an interesting anecdote to those who are wishing for higher taxes for social benefits everywhere. The German government is taxing the whores 50%. Way to "tax the rich"...

I recall a joke, where after arguing at an open market about prices and getting responses like "believe me, it costs me more - I'm losing money on selling you these vegetables" - a prostitute decide to use the same reasoning. But in Germany, it does cost her more.


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