Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Where I get my morning finance news

There are so many potential sources to get good and valid data, so much so - that it just might be too time consuming to sift through all of it. I like some technical, some commentary and headlines. Here's what I do:

1. Listen to morning podcast at "Top Guns Trading": Daily State of the Markets

2. Check latest posts at Bespoke Investment Group free blog posts. This gives me some free and useful research tidbits.

3. Open my brokerage account to view a real time watch-list of etf-s parsing sectors and commodities to know where the market is heading today (not that it would help anyone except day traders, I'm not one).

4. Open my "Free Stocks Ticker" and let the headlines scroll. I have it set to read random RSS posts from different financial sites and news wire. Sample feeds: bloomberg, cnbc, fox business, pfblogs.

I personally do not read any financial paper or magazine - although I did try most of them for a while. It's all pretty much out there for free, if I had to recommend any - my two favorites were Investor Business Daily and Wall Street Journal. I'm pretty sure the heavy guns have their own alert services so that they get on top of any development on the second it is rumored.

Have an excellent week.

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