Wednesday, May 27, 2009

zdnet: Poor economy saves Mac community from clone crap

I would say that the Mac crowd are so snobbish that anythign that's manufactured by a "not apple" company is considered crap, and they are snootily happy paying high premiums for PC-s. Or are they not aware that today - Mac - is an Intel x86 based PC?

Poor economy saves Mac community from clone crap
According to Mac clone maker Psystar, it wasn’t the continuing pressure of Apple’s legal department, nor its dubious technological and market proposition, that did the company in. Rather, it was the economy and its declining profit margin. Potential customers should be thankful that they dodged a bullet.

Hi I'm not a mac - and I don't like paying three times as much for a PC with a different operating system. I've worked with Macs - and I can say they can crash and break just like any other PC. Get over the propaganda.


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