Thursday, June 18, 2009

Detroit slowly but surely becoming a ghost town

Consider this:
Retailers Head for Exits in Detroit
DETROIT -- They call this the Motor City, but you have to leave town to buy a Chrysler or a Jeep.

Borders Inc. was founded 40 miles away, but the only one of the chain's bookstores here closed this month. And Starbucks Corp., famous for saturating U.S. cities with its storefronts, has only four left in this city of 900,000 after closures last summer.

There was a time early in the decade when downtown Detroit was sprouting new cafes and shops, and residents began to nurture hopes of a rebound. But lately, they are finding it increasingly tough to buy groceries or get a cup of fresh-roast coffee as the 11th largest U.S. city struggles with the recession and the auto-industry crisis.

No national grocery chain operates a store here. A lack of outlets that sell fresh produce and meat has led the United Food and Commercial Workers union and a community group to think about building a grocery store of its own.

With the price of homes at rock bottom, and the chains fleeing - no new businesses opening and major industries filing chapter 11, Detroit is becoming the saddest urban story in the history of the US.

Sad :-(

Photo from an everything DETROIT online store. For nostalgia.

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