Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blocking Adult Sites - Free and Easy

Per a request from the wife, a while ago I blocked our home network from adult and inappropriate content. We have 3 girls and 2 of them have become quite proficient recently with the computer. It was free and easy and anyone can do it. Many people install subscription based software on their kids computers. Obviously it costs money and there are benefits to it, but my kid’s computer is slow - has little memory resources available and I prefer looking for the free way to do it.

I got the “scoop” on how it’s done at work. Unfortunately - our IT department have decided to block out half the internet to “save bandwidth” for “real work related content”. Which of course is a problem when the content you needed to accomplish something has some things hosted on sites that are unfortunately blocked. No - not adult sites, but every you-tube and many blogs are blocked. They have relaxed the restrictions since first imposed.

Anyways, that’s not the case for my home network. I simply blocked out the adult and illegal content. Sure there are ways around it - but I don’t think my kids will find out about it anytime soon.

Fast and Easy:

1. Open “”
2. Setup your machine following the instructions on the site
3. Create an account and setup your own network
4. Setup a security level to block out content

It’s fast and light in effect on your machines at home. Even if you do go with the subscription nanny software - adding a little bit of extra security is suggested.

Have a (morally?) safe internet experience…


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