Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Developers, don't let Microsoft auto-update your system

Unfortunately - I did. On my work machine, I have visual studio 2005 and 2008 versions installed. That's because I have to support products under both environments. Last night, windows update tried to install "security updates" (without any explanation of what they would be) - as I allowed my machine to download and install every night automatically.

The result - a messed up installation setup, and a completely wasted day just trying to fix the installation by "reinstalling" visual studio components. It's amazing that they push "security updates" to development applications, which I can't imagine why anyone would need these updates - while not auto-updating or even bothering to fix real bugs which cause visual studio 2008 to crash or get stuck, for example:
Visual studio 2008 sp1 hangs frequently when using XAML designer

Was the solution "auto-updated"? Or even mentioned anywhere on MSDN?! No! You'd have to dig for it in blogs and support forums:
Finally: CLR Hotfix Available for Visual Studio 2008 Rapid-Crashing

Microsoft Connect: Download hidden hot-fix to "Visual Studio rapid-crashing with no Dr Watson dialogs etc when working with XAML, seeing CLR fatal execution errors in the event log when this happens"

Auto updates are causing me to waste a day because of the following issue:
Blend 2 opens VS 2005 instead of VS 2008

Perhaps all we need to know about Microsoft can be learned from the following videos of its current CEO

Developers! Developers!

Windows 1.0! WOW!!!


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