Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to automatically reboot vista daily

Annoyingly, my office machine is being scanned daily by McCaffe - which leaves the machine crippled with memory usage and CPU slowdown.

To solve this problem, I have scheduled the machine to reboot daily - but it wasn't a trivial action. Here's how:
1. Open control panel
2. Type in the search box: "Schedule tasks", click on the "schedule tasks" result
3. In the "Task Scheduler" window, click on "Create Task..."
4. Type in Name: "Restart Daily", in description, type why.
5. Pick the "Actions" tab and click "New..."
6. In the new action dialog, put "c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe" in program and "-r" in arguments.
7. Click OK to close "New Action" dialog and again OK to close "Create Task"

You're done. Just FYI though: you can click on "Task Scheduler Library" on the tree in left side of the "Task Scheduler" window to see current custom scheduled tasks. You would probably be surprised to find some irrelevant stuff like google update being run every hour....

H/T: a support thread


Update: You might want to change the task to operate regardless if the user is logged in....

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