Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back, sort of - the joy of sudden home repair and stolen credit card info

I'll keep it brief - I'm back from a week away in California for work. Was happy to be with my family over the weekend. I was planning on buying some things... and then realized:

A. The basement had a nice puddle - need to call a plumber. Fantastic, just love these kind of surprises, don't you?
B. Credit card is suspended for suspicious activity - and yes there were a few charges we didn't make.

There's always something... no house - no house problems. As for the credit card, I guess I'm not the only one... This is the second time such a thing happened to us, I'm wondering how did our credit card number got compromised, I can only guess it was stolen with a big bunch of others through some vendor we used at some point or directly from the bank. No one would be kind enough to ever tell you that, nor update you on anything done to the perpetrators of the crime.

I once complained to the FBI on a similar theft, to the tune of over 2000$, they said - we'll call you back. Still waiting for that call 2 years later.

As for the plumber, I'm still looking for one. I don't think it's a huge problem to find one. Hey, I'm stimulating the economy... (sarcasm)

Hope for a better week.

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