Monday, August 17, 2009

Always separate political commentary from economic: China Buys Treasuries, Proving Dollar Demise Overdone

Over the last year, political interests have been mixed far too often with economic and business reporting, accelerating collapses, prolonging crisis, and causing many people to make false choices. The economic situation is still bleak - but one should consider that inflation has not hit yet, and the Dollar has not collapsed despite political motivated op-eds and commentary. People should invest based on what is happening now - not what they hear in radio that might happen.

China Buys Treasuries, Proving Dollar Demise Overdone
For the first time since the start of the global financial crisis, the U.S. government is breaking its reliance on short-term debt as foreign buyers pile into longer-term securities.

When the U.S. raised $75 billion last week, a group that includes international investors purchased a record amount of 3- year notes, the biggest share of 10-year notes since 2005 and almost half of the 30-year bonds sold, according to Treasury data. That helped extend the average maturity of U.S. debt from a 25-year low in the second quarter and showed diminishing concerns over the record U.S. budget deficit and inflation.

“Long-dated Treasuries are fantastic assets to have,” said Stuart Thomson, a fixed-income fund manager at Ignis Asset Management, which oversees the equivalent of $100 billion from Glasgow. “I have every reason to believe long bonds will rally. Inflation is subdued, and the Fed made it very clear they expect it to remain low.”

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner locked in long-term borrowing costs at rates near the lowest in six decades just days before the government said the consumer price index was unchanged in July. Costs fell 2.1 percent from a year earlier, the biggest 12 month drop since 1950, even as reports on employment and homes sales showed the economy is recovering from the steepest contraction in more than six decades

For the record - once again - not a political blog, and no political opinion expressed here. It might just be that my political beliefs are in direct opposite to my investing/economic/business perspective at this moment. Also, please consider my disclaimer. I'm not a professional - just a guy thinking out loud.


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