Friday, August 21, 2009

Intriguing book: 'The Penny Pinchers Club'

Recession escape reading?

Intriguing book: 'The Penny Pinchers Club', description from Washington-post:
Sarah Strohmeyer's "The Penny Pinchers Club" (Dutton, $25.95) offers a playful look at that No. 1 relationship killer: money. Kat Griffiths is a spender; her economics professor husband, Griff, is not. But they're madly in love and have made it work for 20 years. Until Kat finds condoms in Griff's pockets and damning e-mail correspondence with his pretty research assistant. All signs indicate Griff is leaving her. To save her future -- and maybe just her present, too -- Kat has to change her ways. She joins up with the Rocky River Penny Pinchers Club, a frugal-living support group filled with eccentrics who teach her to shop in bulk, get wicked deals on tampons and face her financial demons. But it's not just the credit cards that haunt Kat. An old love reappears who offers adoration and total financial freedom. Bills are a buzz kill, but Strohmeyer deals handily with this subject, injecting a very real problem with humor and charm. She even leaves the reader with a few practical tips on cutting expenses -- the perfect recession escape.

Mmmm... frugality, and depressing divorce/cheating/new love in one. Sounds like it's directed mainly at women (come on - husband is a villain here).


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