Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is hosting a website on a free service a good idea?

I've been playing with's service for a while, figuring out if it fits my needs. Although I'm a programmer I've never dealt much with PHP and PHP related services, I usually develop desktop products. Anyway's I've been playing with that site's capabilities while using a free account and have created two sites with one account:


Right now they are both showing static web pages. The pages for trueelse were made with microsoft publisher, and the one for withinmymeans was made with word. High tech laziness in all it's glory. The 'withinmymeans' site was up until now using a version of word-press. It had many bugs and CPU usage issues (limited server CPU usage on free account). I have no real need for it, so for now I deleted the wordpress application and just placed a static page.

The free account allows directing from a domain, which you pay some fixed amount a year and can buy from any domain registration service.

There are plenty of different PHP applications you can install, I don't know any of them except wordpress. I intend to try some over the next couple of days.

Current verdict: Either their service isn't very reliable, or the CPU usage limitation is a killer for any practical usage. So perhaps it's best used for planning a website, building up PHP applications, and not actually creating a web presence. I have no need at this point to 'go public', so I'm not trying the paid service.


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