Thursday, September 24, 2009

Investopedia article: 10 Ways To Fight Rising Food Prices

No doubt food prices WILL rise. I've presented several articles recently discussing FALLING grocery prices. Perception of consumers will never change though... Be assured - prices will go up.

I quoted the headlines, and put my remarks in square brackets
10 Ways To Cut Your Food Costs

1. Dine In [Duh!!!]
2. Stock Up [check out 'how I budget', I did mention this]
3. Use reward cards [just make sure you let the savings flow unconsciously, don't chase it or you'll spend more than intended]
4. Stay on top of markdowns [thanks to my wife - who follows all weekly ads]
5. Pay in cash [I disagree, unless you lack any discipline - there are better ways]
6. Shake up your taste buds - buy lower priced ingredients [like I mention in 'how I budget']
7. Clip coupons [just make sure you use them when need to, not just buying because there's a coupon, nor drowning in unmanageable pile of clipped coupons]
8. Shop strategically - don't go hunting while shopping, make a list [we as a rule don't shop groceries on empty stomach]
9. Avoid prepared food [well... sometimes TV dinners are cheaper than making a whole meal]
10. Compare prices and stores [ Duh?! Who doesn't do this? Except most people shot where comfortable not where cheapest]


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