Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So how well is Zune HD selling?

I'm not interested in arguing about this issue. I went to several best buy stores in Michigan and didn't see any excitement nor empty shelves. That being said, perhaps it's just not representative, it's still Michigan - the worst economy in the USA...

A tiny conversation on twitter raised the issue of Zune HD quickly selling out online at Bestbuy - searching in-store inventories in Michigan, some were out, some not.

Here's some headlines round up:
* GadgetCrave:Zune HD is Selling Well?
* CNet: Week in review: Zune goes HD, but does it matter?
* PC World: Zune HD: No iPod Killer
* LA Times: Microsoft's Zune HD player: It's still no iPod

And it is still "in stock" at Amazon:

I played with it a bit in one of the Best Buy store I was at. I'm more of a 'value purchase' guy and prefer Sansa to the 'touch and games' devices. So I can't give any kind of review... I did notice that old model Zunes with 120 gigs were on sale. 120G - that's enough to hold more than most people have in their legal music archive. Notice I used the word legal...


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