Friday, October 16, 2009

EzBacktest and Excel 2007

Well, this was not intended, but it so happens you can open the XML files produced by EzBacktest in Excel, and produce nicer graphs if you'd like.

There are 2 XML files produced which might be useful. The first has the extension .pfl.xml which is the portfolio allocation file you would use to save your work. The other is .pfl.graph.xml which is the graph data you can save.

To open the file, drag and drop the XML file onto an open Excel 2007 window, you'd be asked which way to import - select 'As an XML table'. Presto - a new window will open with the data translated into a table. Then erase or hide irrelevant or incorrect columns and buildup your own cool graphs.

I should add though - the date format I used in the XML files isn't recognized by Excel, so I'll that problem to my internal wish list...

Of course at some point in the future - I might improve the software to deliberately export to excel or perhaps export more useful XML-s.


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