Thursday, October 1, 2009

Internet speed: Lithuania beats out U.S.

But we beat Estonia... Go USA, go and improve the infrastructure - please.

CNN reports: U.S. broadband lags Asian nations
South Korea leads the world in providing broadband services, according to a study released on Thursday. The United States did not make the top 10.

South Korea dramatically improved the speed, quality and availability of its Internet service in 2009, pushing past Japan, the former worldwide leader, according to a team of business students from the University of Oxford in England and the University of Oviedo in Spain.

The study, sponsored by Cisco (CSCO, Fortune 500), examined 66 countries and 240 cities. Broadband leadership was measured by various factors, including the number of wired households, where South Korea scored 97%. Hong Kong, which was rated number three in overall broadband leadership, had an even higher penetration, at 99%.

In terms of overall leadership, Hong Kong was followed by Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Luxembourg, Denmark and Norway.

The United States did not make the list's top 10, even though it made "significant, above average improvements" in quality, the study said.


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