Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wii, Winamp, Internet, Orb and watching your home videos on your TV made 'accessible'

Well, not only did the price for a new Wii fell, last month Nintendo decided to give away the internet browser, the one they've been charging people 5$ per usage. I guess that when sales started collapsing, adding value to their flagship product was the easiest and fastest choice they could make. Plus-consider that many new TV sets come equipped with WiFi internet browsing and media sharing, Wii had to step up and provide more value.

Simply enter the Wii-Shop, and download the internet channel. Then browse. Wii is not HD - so browsing the web isn't extremely useful. Just headlines, and You-Tube I guess.

But here's where it gets interesting. If you download and install the latest version of WinAmp, you can install the Beta version of Winamp remote, which is simply the application 'Orb' with a different name and UI. Once you do that, register and list your media folders.

Next, browse the internet with Wii and set the address to '' .

Now you can use your Wii to playback all of your audio and video files from your PC. The interface for Wii seems to have been created with Wii's limitation and TV experience in mind. For me the audio plays great, the video stalls every now and then - sometimes halts. Perhaps it's just my clunky PC - or the fact that it's still in Beta.

Download winamp here. Visit
Buy Wii for 199$ at Amazon.


PS: Amazon giving away 25$ gift card IN ADDITION to Wii price drop!!!

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