Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free Stocks Ticker getting some attention, wishlist ideas accepted

I'm grateful to two blogs for providing positive review of my freeware free-stocks-ticker today. I've so far gathered some wish list items and I'll try to incorporate them into a new version soon enough:

* Hide default Foxnews/Cnn feeds
* Interactivity option (turn clicks on/off - turn tooltip on/off)
* Turn on AppBar, so that maximized applications consider existence of tickers
* Keep on top option (currently Bottom-Most as forced bottom most )

Reported bug to be resolved on next update:
* When taskbar is on top, can't see ticker forms

The relevant two external blog posts reviewing the application:
* Free Stock Ticker: display a real time stock ticker on your desktop
* BARRY'S BEST COMPUTER TIPS: Free Stocks Ticker - Put a scrolling stock and news feed ticker on your desktop

To download latest version of Free Stocks Ticker, click here.

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