Monday, November 16, 2009

Making your Fire-Fox confuse the heck out of you-Dressing as a chrome/explorer hybrid

Let's face it - while Firefox has become slower and clunkier - and its competitors have become so much lighter and safer - you stick with it for a few essential plugins.

For me - it's the adBlock plus plugin. Pages load faster and are more readable without flashy crappy commercials. Animated ads drive me insane. So I stick with it, and hope they fix the clunkiness ASAP. Another version and another reduction in speed of interactivity would be the death of FireFox.

Well, in addition to that, FireFox as a product was left behind on the UI advancements. Both Explorer and Chrome reduced as much buttons/bars and menus - leaving you with mostly the browsing area. Then of course, Microsoft pushed their MSN toolbar on you, and I hope for your sake you did your best to uninstall/hide as many bars as possible. Because that's the point - the modern acceptable UI removes as much 'less used' components as possible.

After last week I found the 'magic' of disabling 'Windows Defender' real time scanning and the wonders it does to your startup process and how it removes the choke hold from most applications performance; I decided to take it all a step further. Let's see what I can do to make FireFox more Chrome/IE - and much less FireFox.

So without further ado, here are the downloads/extentions/themes and persona I used to make my FireFox a Chrome/IE hybrid lookalike:
Auto hide menu plugin
Personas plugin
Vista-aero theme
Chrome Persona

And there you have it - a new breath of life to the aging FireFox. Hopefully, the fire-fox team can make these changes the default and fix whatever they broke when advancing to 3.5.


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