Friday, November 13, 2009

Windows Vista shows Defender Errors? Microsoft says reinstall operating system - what?!

Defender is without a doubt the worst piece of software ever written and imposed on users. It never detects or help remove real malware. Only real anti-viruses and adAware do the job properly. Still it was included in Vista as part of the OS and lucky me: It started messing up on windows startup at my work machine.

After my company's IT guy basically gave up - I eventually found this Microsoft support page:

Error message when you try to start Windows Defender on a computer that you recently upgraded to Windows Vista: "Application failed to initialize"

Well - I didn't recently upgrade. But I suspect some anti-virus the IT guys imposed on this machine caused some mess-ed registry and defender just goes belly up after I log-on. It would be great if one could just un-install it and never see it again.

But - no, Microsoft says reinstall Windows.

So let me get this straight, an unnecessary piece of software in the OS cannot be removed, bugs you with messages - and instead of allowing us to remove it all together the suggestion is to waste several hours, if not days in computer down time and potential lost data?


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