Tuesday, December 8, 2009

EzBackTest 0.9.2 Release

I'm proud to announce new release of my freeware EzBackTest. Experiment and verify your investment portfolios with EzBackTest, download here.

* Improved selection and measurement tool over graph
* Minor bugs
* Link to open yahoo quotes web page for viewed portfolio
* Allow hiding legend in graph
* Allow reviewing error messages for failed quote downloads



  1. This is a great start. One very important metric is needed: the measurement of risk. Typically this is done with Standard Deviation. Once we have that, we can compute the Sharpe Ratio. With a measurement of risk, we can compare different portfolios apples-to-apples. In fact their return vs. risk can be plotted on a graph for multiple portfolios. It would be a massive help. Thanks,

    Paul Boyer, MadMoneyMachine.com

  2. Thanks Paul noted and under consideration.