Thursday, January 21, 2010

Microsoft's OpenMP solution leaks memory, Microsoft says that's by design

Completely ignoring the comments from people complaining about it - that intel's implementation which is also directed at the windows platform - doesn't leak memory...

I have some experiments to run tomorrow. I've seen the leaks at my job - and I'm now suspecting there might be more risks to look at...

OpenMP leaks thread handels and memory when used in threads

By design? sure...

Well, thinking about it - it would be a bad practice to have different algorithms within one process utilize OpenMP from differently invoked threads. It's obvious that OpenMP was not designed nor implemented with that 'practice' in mind.

Regardless, an interesting read on codeproject:
32 OpenMP traps for C++ developers

I believe this "Microsoft-Fail" image is based on the famous 'left handed store' failure Simpsons episode.


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