Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alarm Bell Should Ring:Fannie Mae, AIG about to crash completely

A round table of headlines regarding government owned huge financial and industrial entity:

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General Motors: Lawmakers question GMAC rescue, U.S. is cast as villain in Japan, GM Still Trying To Sell Hummer Division

Fannie, Freddie: Freddie Mac losses mount, warns of foreclosures - or how it should have been titled: Friday Debt Dump, Part 1: Shhh -- Fannie Mae Lost $72 Bil in 2009, Needs Another $15.3 Bil in Cash

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AIG: AIG posts quarterly loss of $8.9 billion

Exit question, is buying Dollars considered an investment in current administration and USA owned entities? If so - then add to the list several bankrupt entitlement programs, states, counties and pension plans. Err... this year begins to look as rocky financially as the last two.

Hopefully - a miracle happens and nothing really goes kaboom in the global economy.


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