Saturday, February 20, 2010

Comcast sucks, evidence #154394

Once upon a time, there used to be a Fox-Sports-World channel on my Comcast lineup where I lived in Colorado. I loved that channel because I'm a soccer fan and that's where it all was. When I moved to Michigan, I learned that the channel name has changed, and Comcast wants extra payment for the only channel on TV to broadcast Soccer. You get loads of crap you don't want - including 'Green HD', and 'Bravo HD', and fricken LOGO channel, but Soccer?! Pay extra.

I don't know if by their own mistake, or if I'm just temporarily lucky, but recently I was able to watch channel 727 uninterrupted. I thought - great, cool - finally. Well - Now I notice that there are a lot of HD channels that I don't want, and FSC has an HD icon next to the logo on the screen, but there isn't an FSC-HD channel.

No, Comcast 'resizes' the HD stream, and what comes through is odd pixel effects over the white markings on the soccer field. Makes me wonder: Why am I paying extra each month to get 'Green', 'Bravo', TvOne, Style, G4, We, IFC, NHL, MLB, ESPN-News, B10, CBSC, NBA, VH1, MTV, GREEN, BET, TrueTV, HLN, and once again because this one just offends me 'Green' channels in HD, but not FSC. It is obvious they can deliver FSC in HD, someone just made the decision to broadcast all the other crap I don't want.

Yea, I'm ranting, with my luck - they'll switch FSC to HD and hide it back for extra payment, so I'll get free sports broadcast of everything but soccer again. Which will make me hate Comcast even more.


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