Friday, February 12, 2010

More info about this and previous blog

This post used to be linked at the top from the 'about' button. Since then, I've changed the blog's focus and how I'd like to represent my self. If you're really interested, continue reading below:

Hello and welcome to “Thrifty Trend” blog (previously, ""). It's my personal blog where I publish my freeware and opine about personal financial and how my wife and I changed our own financial path from devouring to growing our savings.

About the personal finance part

My wife and I have achieved reversing the consumption trend and would be happy to share with you our “secret”. Just click on the "How I Budget" link above.

I mix my message with humor, and often blog about investments, not from a professional point of view but more as an observer.

You would also find a few open sourced freeware applications I released as well as an open sourced library for data.

So who am I and why should you read on?
I’m a middle class software engineer whose employed full time in Michigan, USA. I was born and raised in Israel and I’ve been living and working in the US since 2001. My wife and I have experienced our ups and downs with our finances and I believe we’ve acquired some real life knowledge we would like to share with you. We’ve read the personal finance books, and deducted our own system. We now work with a plan and together spend in a disciplined manner to stay within that plan. We’re not getting rich, we live richly within our means.

Why “Thrifty Trend” blog?
Because all the other good names are taken... just kidding.

Simply put: Thrifty is synonymous with Frugal, and I believe that this trend among all of us consumers will continue - and it will serve us all well. We should explore it and educate our kids to practice it as well as they grow up.

We all have ideas. We roll them over in our minds and try to lay plans on how to execute them. I’ve had the idea of opening this site for a while now. I believe sharing our experience can help others. After living within our means for enough time, I believe it is the right time to share this experience with anyone who wishes to read about it on the world wide web.

Well what can you expect to find here?
This site is about helping others. I think the system me and my wife came up with can greatly help many others. I detailed our "system" over at within-my-means, and will recollect the items and edit them again here. (After that, I'll pull the plug on "within-my-means")

You will find links to tools, spread sheets and links to free web and software resources.

I’ll try to discuss some money saving techniques and will give my opinions regarding the “Get Rich” crowd.

I’m a software engineer so you could expect some code babble and free code to download as well. If you don’t need the code stuff, skip it - I’m sure will find many other resources useful enough for you.

Come back often!
I will try to update things at least once a week and I will check on comments if any. If you have suggestions or request, feel free to post or email.

You can always reach me at:

See you soon


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