Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Foxnews yellow journalism website wants us to feel good about what time did to our looks

If you're above 30, you're as likely as I am to be over your looks-peak. Gaining weight seems to be more likely, loss of hair, turning gray - you know the deal. Enter the horrible site representing Rupert Murdoch's empire in the US: Fox-News.

A collection of random photos was collected to give us a 'then and now' presentation of some celebrities. Let me warn you in advance though - they got it totally wrong on more than one occasion. Johnny Depp and Misha Barton? Well... never mind. It's yellow and bottom feeding 'journalism'.

Stars Who Lost Their Looks

How lame and overdone - Cristy Ally. Please, like we haven't noticed the gazillion late-night jokes about this pretty much forgotten star.


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