Monday, October 25, 2010

Back from Hong Kong

I was away on my employer's behalf - I'm not a business mogul and won't pretend to blog as such. My impression from the visit is that it's a bustling robust and growing city. Locals complain that real estate is beyond their reach due to influx of corruption money from main-land China. Locals believe that the recession is way behind them and they are facing a steady growth path. Interesting that during my stay there China raised interest rates and the global markets took the opportunity to correct for one day.

On a related note, CNBC provides us with a slideshow of growth companies they recommend looking out in China:
The 10 Fastest Growing Chinese Companies

One thing is sure, it seems there's a lot of new money flowing through China, and that the country's systems haven't adjusted yet - causing major distortions and bubbles. Buyer beware.


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