Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bought an iPad at Apple's Black Friday sale!!!

Yeeee- haw!

Except, I didn't plan on this sudden splurge. Oh well, it's always said that Apple never put anything on sale. Kinda felt compelled. So now I'm thinking about what it is I should do with this 'magic pad' (as Jobs would say). On the top of my list are the obvious for people on the road:
1. Netflix
2. Skype
3. Kindle
4. My broker's iPad app

Obviously I'll have to somehow setup all of my 11 emails on it - hope it's going to be friendly for that purpose.

Meanwhile, I'm looking into an interesting slide show on PC-Mag, I don't think it's really new:

The 50 Best iPad Apps

A much better list actually, at gizmodo:
Gizmodo essential iPad apps


PS. This is the very first Apple product I'll ever own. I have had some experience, bad experience, with Macs since the 90-s. I have no intention at this point to buy an iMac so I can start creating apps for iPad. I think - perhaps this field is saturated enough with indie developer hopefuls.

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