Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apple products on Amazon cost less than Apple store, no sales tax

Yep, Mac Mini-s, iMac-s etc... not cheap, and for Windows fan - you'll have to deal with extra steps and costs, but if you are a fan and want to buy right now, I think Amazon's is your best choice.

iMac - $1,125.92

Mac Mini - $568.95
Meanwhile, I'm shopping around for a new PC. Which is how I came across this little fact regarding prices of Mac-s. It turns out that brand new Dells desktops were selling for $200 discount and an extra percentage discount with a coupon on the outlet store. Which means - the Dell desktop outlet inventory was swept clean.

Lesson learned, you see something you want in the right price and you should be able to afford - don't procrastinate. Good deals really don't last long.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, RIP. Among most admired businessmen of our generation

You can't argue with success, after success, after success. His genius was in producing items the consumers really wanted, and making them even cooler with each new release.

PS. Yes, his autobiography is on sale.

Interesting to review the following video, Steve Jobs giving a commencement speech at Stanford: "How to live before you die".