Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to setup OpenCV with Visual Studio 2010 without recompiling source

The tutorial documentation is a bit out-of-date. I thought I might share the process for anyone who might be interested:

OPENCV development environment setup

1. download and install opencv into c:\intel\opencv  ;
2. download and unzip TBB into c:\intel\tbb ;
3. download and install Path-Editor ;
4. open computer properties->advanced settings->advanced->environment variables
5. set the following variables:
TBB_DIR=C:\Intel\tbb\tbb40_20111003oss (or other relevant version folder)
6. run path-editor, add the following:
7. Run Visual Studio 2010 and make new console c++ application with empty-project checked
8. From Menu, select View->Other Windows->Property Manager
9. Add new sheets to Debug and Release seperately for OpenCV
a. under c/c++ / General, set:
Additional Include Directories=$(OPENCV_INST)\build\include
b. under Linker / General, set:
Additinoal Library Directories=$(OPENCV_DIR)\lib
c. under Linker / Input, set:
Additinoal Dependencies:

for the release property sheet, delete the "d" letter at name of each such lib file
10. The newly created .prop files for the property sheets can be reused in future projects
11. Add one of the .cpp files from the opencv cpp samples directory to verify it compiles properly
a. consider the file: C:\Intel\opencv\samples\cpp\tutorial_code\introduction\windows_visual_studio_Opencv\Test.cpp


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Missed your Black-Friday xbox deal? Check this out: 250gb with kinect and two games: $296, includes 3 months gold

And I woke up at 4:30 to stand in line and get my $199 kinect 4gb bundle, one game only. Hmm.. Where's that receipt, I see a better deal....

That's $296 on Amazon, without pressure, lines, or click-quick-within-2-minutes-or-lost-it rush sale.

Now that I do have my own though, I must say - this thing is awesome, so much better than wii. We haven't even turned the wii on since buying the xBox...

Oops, tiny caveat, you have to buy it from an Amazon partner: best4sale, costs $291.95+$3.99 shipment. Hmm, is this new or open boxed? They would mention if not new, right?