Friday, November 2, 2012

Windows 8 basics

It's not intuitive, let's face it. We're all conditioned to use the start menu, and now that it's gone - we're asking - why, oh why?

So, a few basics to get anyone up and running in seconds, for mouse users:

  • Start tiles: Either move mouse to bottom-left corner and click, or press the "windows key".
  • Control Panel: From desktop, move mouse to bottom left corner, wait for the "start" image, right click it and select control panel
  • Shutdown/Restart: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, Click on the "Power Icon" (or click Esc to return)
  • Desktop Icons: Right click on desktop, Personalize, Desktop Icons and do your self a favor and add the computer
  • Computer Management/Device manager: Either from the left corner/right click, or from your computer desktop right-click menu
  • All my program icons: Click start, right click on non-tile area, select all apps
  • Network & Sharing Center: Right click on the network icon and select Network & Sharing Center
  • Shutdown trick 2: click on "windows button + c", select the settings charm, select the power icon
  • Close metro app, or desktop window: Alt+F4
Touch users:
  • Close an app: press and hold from the top edge of screen, all the way down the middle (took me days to figure this out)
  • Charms/Start menu: quick scroll from right edge, select start or other charm. The settings change based on the app you are using, as do the search options
  • Switch app: quick scroll from left edge
  • Select running app: quick scroll from left and back
  • Shut down: quick scroll from right edge, select settings, select power icon
  • Calibrate touch: using desktop, reach control panel and search touch (not easily done), click on the calibrate link and do your best...
Where the heck are Freecel and Mine-weeper? You can't use these old and loved free games anymore, instead you need to download from the Windows-Store Microsoft's own Solitaire Collection and Mine-Sweeper. Which only run in full-screen windows-app mode. There are blogs out there detailing how to hack original windows 7 games to run on windows 8. 


TMSLA = Too Much Shit Laying Around

Ok, so I own an iPad 1 which I bought a month before they announced iPad 2. That's the way of the world, you wait to buy the new gadget, only to realize it is then out-dated, was overpriced and well... why the heck did I need it to begin with?

And now, Microsoft-Surface tablets and Acer windows 8 tablets running out of stock everywhere - while the world is sinking into a global depression, and in New York, in the wake of a hurricane people are dumpster diving for food - you can't find a fricken tablet - for business use (of course).

So - I think people around are subject to a new condition I choose to label TMSLA. Seriously, you don't need it. You know you don't. Most people for some reason own several laptops, computers, tablets, e-readers, dsla cameras, digital cameras, film cameras, smart-phones, xbox, wii, play-station, ipod, ipod touch, nintendo ds, smart tv, smart blu-ray, 5 channel surround 18 pieces suite, house wiring, over the power networking, over the wireless networking. Hell - at least the toaster isn't network connected (yet).

Well, maybe I'm just describing my self here. I'm definitely matching the TMSLA definition. But the device I most often question why I have - is the iPad 1. And yet - the stores are running out of iPad mini and Microsoft Surface. Go figure.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New look and status update

As some might have noticed, I haven't posted in this blog for a while. Recently I changed the look of both this blog and "".

 I continuously track comments and emails with suggestions regarding the software I published. So do check those out and comment if you like.

As far as blogging is concerned, it depends on having something important enough to say - with the knowledge that not many people will read it anyhow. Perhaps a better approach would be to consider it as a public diary of bookmarks and thoughts regarding interesting software aspects and economic tidbits.

It just happens that as far as the economy is concerned, we are all still in the same hole we were for 4 years now. Europe still is on the verge of collapse yet doesn't ever actually collapses. I guess they found the money tree, or printer and keep issuing bonds without a buyer to fund their lavish social system. Good'on'ya moochers.