Friday, November 2, 2012


TMSLA = Too Much Shit Laying Around

Ok, so I own an iPad 1 which I bought a month before they announced iPad 2. That's the way of the world, you wait to buy the new gadget, only to realize it is then out-dated, was overpriced and well... why the heck did I need it to begin with?

And now, Microsoft-Surface tablets and Acer windows 8 tablets running out of stock everywhere - while the world is sinking into a global depression, and in New York, in the wake of a hurricane people are dumpster diving for food - you can't find a fricken tablet - for business use (of course).

So - I think people around are subject to a new condition I choose to label TMSLA. Seriously, you don't need it. You know you don't. Most people for some reason own several laptops, computers, tablets, e-readers, dsla cameras, digital cameras, film cameras, smart-phones, xbox, wii, play-station, ipod, ipod touch, nintendo ds, smart tv, smart blu-ray, 5 channel surround 18 pieces suite, house wiring, over the power networking, over the wireless networking. Hell - at least the toaster isn't network connected (yet).

Well, maybe I'm just describing my self here. I'm definitely matching the TMSLA definition. But the device I most often question why I have - is the iPad 1. And yet - the stores are running out of iPad mini and Microsoft Surface. Go figure.

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