Saturday, April 27, 2013

The odyssey of a new Dell Windows 8 Laptop owner

I'm a proud owner of a brand new laptop. Hurray for me. After 8 years with my loyal Gateway laptop chugging along, upgraded from Vista to Win-7, replaced power suppliers twice, battery once, had the touch-pad die on me and the current power-supply/battery combo flaking again, having had enough with an aging laptop - I took a leap of faith.

Dell has an outlet online store, did you know? And occasionally cool stuff goes on insane clearance, like my brand new 17" laptop for half the price. Lucky me.

Only problem? It comes with Windows 8, McCaffy, Dell Back-up, and won't allow updating the "windows 8 store app". That's from the box.

5:30PM: After spending 5 hours trying to remove all the unwanted crap, realized the Windows 8 apps won't update/install any new. Read some other blog post suggesting "refresh", and now I'm back to square one, again with McCaffy, Dell Back-Up, no windows update patch, and non of the customizations I tried to apply.

Super frustrating.

Will update this post later....

7PM: No progress, things aren't getting any better. Apps still don't install. Windows update is taking forever...

9PM: 2nd restart after waiting for Windows Update restarts, apps still won't update or install... still hadn't installed the stuff I need or moved my files from older laptop.... this sucks, big time

10:37PM Finally returned from what I hope is the last windows-update reboot, good news - apps began installing

12:09AM Yes! Everything is finally working properly.

1:37PM Day After: Working on setting up my build environment... starting to like my new laptop.