Thursday, May 9, 2013

Win 8 blue; what I would have wanted...

Everyone with a keyboard can put this kind of list on the net. Here's my 2 cents:

  • Open Win-RT to desktop .net apps installed outside of Microsoft's store
  • Add a Microsoft sponsored desktop apps store, yes - just like Apple has one for Mac OS
  • Figuere out how to produce hardware that's as high quality as Galaxy and iPad and costs less (unlike the current opposite)
  • Allow control settings of everything through desktop or "metro" seperately. If one is choosing to use emersive touch, he should never be forced to use desktop tiny buttons and links
  • Add "Explorer" to "metro", see prior bullet point
  • Rethink the whole design of the emersive apps - way too simplistic for may different tasks. A phone UI is not a 1080 desktop and vice-versa
  • Good old desktop freecel and mine-sweeper, bring them back
  • Allow relpacing tiles with icons, meaningful and colorful icons with rigid alignment that doesn't hurt the eyes
  • Add fixed, recognize-able buttons to the start tile screen: Turn Off, Desktop, Settings
  • Dump swipes. They suck, no one gets it, no one likes it, not as touch, not as mouse
  • Disallow laptop touch-pads acting as swipe zones, it renders that device unusable
  • Invest harded in letting gaming industry into the Microsft-Tablet realm. With a winning market of XBOX, Microsoft initiated some leveraging there, but stopped mid-way. If you buy the game on XBox and download, why not allow you to use it on your tablet too? Why not flood the tablet store with awesome XBox games?
  • Speaking of games, I haven't tried out Wii-U, or am a fan of their idea, but surely surface+xbox could have produced a less awkward solution than Xbox-Smart-Glass. 
  • Why does it take so long to start "metro" apps on an intel i7 laptop or tablet? I don't like staring at a green or orange screen with a white icon, no one does. It's wierd
  • Work with Unity3D to bring that development community faster into the Windows 8 tablets and phones market.
  • How about free Angry-Birds? Come'on big giant MS corp, you can afford it. 
  • Consider that Apple's winning iTunes is still a huge advantage for the iPads, I don't know who is buying Music subscription, I used to (netscape, rhapsody etc) but no longer do. Perhaps if Microsoft would just allow MP3 purchases through some awesome Win 8 metro interface? Don't expect Amazon to do the job for you, they are doing a great job carving their markets with Kindle Fire (if only they would return to turning profits again)
  • Finally obviously: desktop start menu
Expect none of it. 

Microsoft is about to make some announcements pretty soon, it will be interesting to see where Win 8 and Xbox will head.