Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I wanted Windows 10 to be so much better than the polished Windows 8 that it is...

What is Windows 10? A Windows 8 that has proper desktop user-interface akin to Windows 7 back in place. What it isn't? A fix to the problems introduced with Windows 8 - and a few new extra problems which turn your laptops into stumbling pieces of junk for most of the time you want to use it.

I've mentioned this before, Windows 8 had the habit of running maintenance endlessly locking up laptop hard drives, well - it's still there in Windows 10, and worse - now you can't turn off Windows Update. So add that to the layer of things your laptop does that you don't want it to do while you try to check the weather quickly.

Here's a quick use-case, I open a laptop lid, click on a browser, check the weather, close the lid. How fast should that be? If you are a Windows 10 user - you will have to wait until the System stops churning up the hard-drive at 100% usage. Which could take several minutes. Also, your internet will probably not work properly for a few minutes due to Windows Update, Windows firewall and Windows' own anti-virus doing who knows what.

I keep running this test almost every day since Windows 10 was installed on my several laptops - how long does it take until the Disk usage at Task Manager shows 0% and turns to light color instead of red. It takes forever, and no one can guess what it is doing. It just "does", what ever - it just keeps churning, because that's probably healthy for the magnetic hard-ware, to be constantly read and written, for the internal stuff to move up and down over the discs there. Surely that can't be helpful to battery usage either.

Seriously, Windows 10 makes me miss DOS. Because DOS is the only product from Microsoft where you can understand what the computer is doing, which is 100% of the time only what you want it to do.

I can't advise other people to risk their computers' security, but the only hacks I found to make a dent in Windows 10 horrendous performance are as follows:
* Find services management (not easily done since Windows 8/10) - and turn off windows update there
* Disable Windows Anti-Virus and Firewall, as well as all notifications regarding these
* Install free Ad-Aware Anti-Virus, it doesn't suck as bad as Microsoft's

And pretty much that's it - there are more hacks, such as finding the schedule tasks that keep trying to defrag your laptop hard-drive, but that one too is elusive and Microsoft keeps restoring it for you behind the scenes.

Also, I'm not a fan of the new Edge browser:
* Can't drag a link to the desktop
* Having the search/address bar change locations and being non-responsive or randomly responsive is a pain in the ass.
* Defaults all your attempts to enter an address to a bing search

Let's talk Cortana. I'm not a fan! Just another bloatware you can't remove which takes time loading up and lets Microsoft and its NSA pals spy on you. What's the point? How is this helpful?

Since Windows 8, Microsoft has pushed its own cloud document upload thing on you called at various times different names, which again takes time loading up, consumes network bandwidth and you can't find where to get rid of it. So once again - thanks for making me miss DOS.

That's it - my two cents on Windows 10.


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Windows 8 worse feature: auto-maintenance that can't be disabled or stopped

What is it? Auto-Maintenance does a "variety of things" which Microsoft won't elaborate about, and you won't find any information about anywhere. When does it happen? Anytime during the day when you try to work (unless you leave your computer on over-night, like everyone with a laptop that's not connected to the power most of the time does...). The "Action Center" user interface doesn't give you an option to disable it, and people on the net would advise you to go to a "Task Scheduler" and disable it there. And you do, and guess what? 2 Minutes later windows enables it back without telling you.

So what you'd say, sure - just as much as I like to change car oil every 2 miles while on a road trip, I'd like my laptop to spike its CPU usage with odd services, and spend hours plowing through the hard drive doing who knows what, rendering your own processes and software helpless as they try to access IO. I mean, who's hardware is this? Yours or Microsoft's? Who decides when and how to use it and spend its power? Is it really that hard to open a web-page?

Auto-Maintenance kills laptops, and there's no way to disable or avoid it - so the only thing left to say is: Thanks Microsoft for truly  - the worst OS you've ever created. I own several PC-s and laptops and I wish those were all Chrome or Mac now.